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8WORX LCC is a promising technology solutions provider established in Delaware, USA with registration number 7424285. 8WORX founded in 2006 with legacy name “Beet Co”, early we’ve rebranded our business, 30 years of founders’ experiences in web technologies, systems, and developing applications to private and public sectors with focus on Egypt and Middle East.

We drive the digital transformation to our customers by delivering integrated, inventive digital products; we have delivered over 350 successful projects and services to our customer via our professional teams. We are delivering our products, services, and consultations to many industries such Real Estate, Tourism, Construction and Interior Design, Training and Education, Medical and Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverages, Beauty, and Trade Companies.

8WORX Mission and Vision

We at 8WORX believe that digital transformation inside organizations and companies will lead them to the top and will increase their profit, using smart digital products is the way to improve, programs and applications support to get tasks and follow-up done in efficient way with reporting tools allow management to keep their eyes on process and results.

Next few years 8WORX will be a leader in digital transformation to a large sector of companies and institutions as it is crucial for any successful or successful business to work on digital transformation and those who avoid it will lag behind in a short time, Using Intelligent digital transformation and artificial intelligence with constantly online customer is a key objective of building stronger relationships with customers and increasing sales and profit opportunities that will lead to corporate growth.

Therefore, our mission at 8WORX is to contribute to the digital transformation of a large segment of companies through services and products that we create in form of Ecosystem, we deliver with high quality and competitive prices.

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