Atelier CRM in Egypt – Haute Couture CRM

Most of businesses is moving to use technology in business intelligence. Atelier CRM (Customer Relationships Management) is used by Ateliers and Haute Couture to manage their customers information like their contacts, orders. Atelier CRM is provided with Marketing Module, allows you to create marketing campaign, set budget and channels, also allows you to define your […]

Gym CRM in Egypt – MRM

Like all businesses in this modern world, It’s Time to Move to be smart business using technology. No more time to waste your time doing manual actions, using excel sheets and wasting hours to export simple report! Start Now, Digitize your business as much you can. CRM stands for Customer Relationships Management, for Gyms! we […]

What is the best CRM in Egypt?

It seems that you live in Egypt or own business located in Egypt and looking for CRM fits your business needs. In this article we will explain to you a lot about CRMs, What is CRM, Why should your business have CRM, What is SaaS/On-Premises CRM, what is the best CRM for you. What is […]