Atelier CRM in Egypt – Haute Couture CRM

Most of businesses is moving to use technology in business intelligence.

Atelier CRM (Customer Relationships Management) is used by Ateliers and Haute Couture to manage their customers information like their contacts, orders.

Atelier CRM is provided with Marketing Module, allows you to create marketing campaign, set budget and channels, also allows you to define your clients source, cost per lead, and cost per deals.

You can get it as SaaS Atelier CRM “Software as a Service”.

Check this list of features, it might help you to find Atelier CRM in Egypt:

  1. Customer Management
  2. Orders Management
  3. Notes and Calendar
  4. CRM Loyalty Program
  5. Birthday Reminders for better socializing
  6. Billing and Invoicing
  7. Quick View of the Sales chart
  8. Email and SMS Campaigning
  9. Integrated communications

Best Atelier CRM in Egypt!

We are recommending to use the best Atelier CRM in Egypt: 8WORX CRM due to it’s features, low price and also 8WORX have local support team you can meet in Egypt and they will explain more to you about their Atelier/Haute Couture CRM, You can ask for 8worx crm free trial.