Why Startups Fail?

Unhealthy partnership and Founders Clashes

Clashes between founders are happening all the time, it depends on clash size, is it too big to destroy everything was built, or it can be passed and handled! So, you have to pick the right partner from the beginning and you must learn how to handle your partners.

Initial objective was not possible to achieve

No leadership at the top levels, decision making

Taking too much time to deliver product/service or technical problems

Poorly organized interface


Lack of transparency in terms of how the company was actually doing

Bad launch, bad UI/UX, bad timing, and noise from funding level

Raised too much money too fast

Overhead and the cost of production buried the company during rough economic times

Delivering services across different countries was “Unreliable.”

Avoid using automation and smart solutions (Pets.com)

Failing in networking.

Identify and approach clients

Lack of funding, and mismanagement of the funds.

Failing to identify the market

Poor quality, relevancy of the search results

Market loses confidence in startups

A lot of good people lose job

Investors lose money

Trying hard until they ran out of cash

Bad hiring decisions

Spent too much too soon before making any progress

90% of the staff was laid off

Planning without a long stable operating history

Good plan with solid strategy through market research are indicators of success, but this doesn’t work for startups.

Most of startups doesn’t have long stable operating history, they do not yet know who their customers is or what their product should be, they’ve to learn a lot and get customers’ feedback to update and improve their product. It takes time and cost.

On other hand, you can follow “Just Do It” school! Unfortunately, chaos doesn’t work too.

You’ve to plan well and get experiences from everybody! friends, family, and colleges. Read and learn a lot. Then plan as much you can, do not make it too complected, simple plan is enough and it will do the job.