Gym CRM in Egypt – MRM

Like all businesses in this modern world, It’s Time to Move to be smart business using technology. No more time to waste your time doing manual actions, using excel sheets and wasting hours to export simple report!

Start Now, Digitize your business as much you can.

CRM stands for Customer Relationships Management, for Gyms! we can call it MRM – Memberships Relationships Management, CRM/MRM System allows you to manage your members information like their contacts, memberships, renewal fees and dates, and here some cool features you can find in any Gym CRM in Egypt:

  1. Membership Records/Management
  2. Client Management
  3. Bio-metric Integration
  4. Renewal Alerts
  5. Fitness assessment and Customized Health chart
  6. Birthday Reminders for better socializing
  7. Billing and Invoicing
  8. Members performance tracking
  9. Quick View of the Sales chart
  10. Email and SMS Campaigning
  11. Integrated communications
  12. If you own multiple branches then multi-branch membership transfer facility should be there.

Best Gym CRM in Egypt!

We are recommending to use the best gym CRM in Egypt: 8WORX CRM due to it’s features, low price and also 8WORX have local support team you can meet in Egypt and they will explain more to you about their Gym CRM, You can ask for 8worx crm free trial.